Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ice Flow

Photograph by Steve Elkins

This year, my friend, Steve, resolved to take one photograph each day of the year. He has been publishing them on his website
each day, even on days when he has been sick in bed. Check them out. I think you will find inspiration, and a very talented photographer.

San Lorenzo Keyhole in Rock

The dog and I had climbed high onto the canyon side. When we stopped to rest and admire the view, we discovered the hole in the rock with the sun's rays highlighting the grasses.

San Lorenzo Canyon

Photograph by Steve Elkins

It was a cool Sunday afternoon in more ways than one. On this day, I joined my friend, Steve Elkins, and others to explore this little known canyon located in the hills north of Socorro, New Mexico, and adjacent to the Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge. Starkly beautiful rock formations towered overhead as we drove into the box canyon. Along the north side of the canyon we located a small cave, which bore evidence of former human occupation in chert flakes and chalcedony. Within the canyon, a veritable maze of small passageways existed, one of which lead to a shaded alcove with a small waterfall in which the surface was frozen on the north facing wall. However, beneath the waterfall, one could see the still liquid water dripping and flowing beneath the surface of the ice. Steve took a video of this as well as another of water running beneath the frozen surface of a tiny streamlet. Check his videos out on his website.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ultimate Recycling

This raincoat was made by my partner in quilting, Donna Barnitz, for the 2007 Santa Fe Recycle Fashion Show. It is a modified Simplicity pattern, stitched from 8 - 50 lb Purina Dog Food bags and one yellow Ol' Roy bag. The tarp-like "fabric" is perfect for inclement weather. A matching umbrella completes the ensemble. Modeled by Donna's beautiful daughter, Katy, it was the First Place winner! Way to go, Donna! The photos were taken by Paula Scott.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Merry Christmas Cabin!

Photographs by Steve Elkins

Each year, we gift our magical cabin in the woods during the holiday season. This season, my gift to the cabin was an amazing set of prayer flags that I found at the little shop in Jemez Springs, "Weekends". Unlike the traditional prayer flags, these over-sized, batik rayon flags offer special southwestern prayers, as befits our region. We hung them up along the front entry porch, where their special magic will be released into the majestic Jemez Mountains with each passing breeze.