Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Quilting We Did Go!

It's that time of year again, time for the 16th annual Hawks Aloft Quilt Retreat. This year we were thrilled to have running water at the cabin, so we could actually really retreat from the big city. Above , you see Michele Hymel stitching the last seams on our quilt top.
As always, Ruth, ably assisted by Sam Sanborn, cooked up a delectable Friday night feast. Sadly, Ruth had to go home early so she missed the Saturday night festivities.
Veteran quilters, Steve Elkins and Patty Phillips, cranked out block after block using foundation piecing techniques.
After a full day of sewing, Quilter Mary Chappelle, takes a break.
We welcomed newcomer, Nancy Cella, to our little group. We liked her a lot, and we hope she will return next year.
Our youngest quilter was Lindsey Porter , age 12. She took to quilting like a duck takes to water.
Our cutting team, Ed Chappelle and Mike Hymel, take an afternoon break.
Oops! Another Lindsey photo!
Master quilter, Anita McSorley held down the fort in the sewing kitchen.
Chellye Porter also learned to quilt and cooked up a fabulous breakfast with her fellow kitchen slave, Lindsey.
In the end, we were 13 strong, the largest group so far! And, we finished the quilt in just over 6 hours, also a record. Shown above, from left to right: Sitting: Patty Phillips, Sam Sanborn, Steve Elkins, Yours Truly with Gabby the dog, and Nancy Cella. Standing: Ed Chappelle, Mary Chappelle, Mike Mymel, Michele Hymel, and Anita McSorley. Not shown: Ruth Burstrom, Chellye Porter and Lindsey Porter.

Now, the quilting begins, but I won't be a part of that for a while. Ed and Mary are layering it, then moving it along to Patty for the anchor quilting. Then, it's off to Michele for more quilting.
Me? Well, I can't quilt right now. I am off to Venezuela along with Sam to search for the world's largest eagle, the Harpy Eagle! Wish me luck!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Cartwheel Constellation

Donna and I finally finished our latest quilt, Cartwheel Constellation. The pattern is scheduled to appear in an upcoming issue of American Quilter Magazine, so keep a watch. I don't yet know which issue. In addition to the borders you see on this quilt, I also designed a series of other borders that I will post as soon as I edit the images down to a manageable size. This quilt measures 50" in diameter. All the quilting was done by Donna Barnitz. The hand-dyed gradations are by Starr Fabrics and the hand-painted fabrics are by Skydyes.