Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kool Shoes

Aieee! Surely, it cannot have been three months since my last post! What can I say, except that life got in the way! At first I was just overwhelmed by finishing the manuscript for my third book, and then I kept thinking, "Tomorrow! Tomorrow, I'll get that posted.

One the the fun things that happened was a visit to the Rio Grande Arts and Crafts show during the Albuquerque International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. I rounded the corner of an aisle, and before my eyes were floor to ceiling hand-crafted shoes, made by Kool Shoes. It only took about 1.25 seconds for me to decide that a pair of these needed to wrap around my feet for those special times when I am teaching quilting. They are made by a couple in Prescott, Arizona. She does the custom painting on the toes of the shoes and he cobbles them. Simply fabulous. They feel like wearing bedroom slippers, or going barefoot.