Thursday, October 11, 2007

Being Among Balloons

Only in Albuquerque, and only for one manic week each October, do we locals experience what surely must be the ultimate photographic experience of a lifetime. For those fortunate enough to get a ride, the thrill is almost certainly one of the highlights of their life. But, for we hardened citizens who have been through 25 or more Fiestas, our minds turn to the traffic and general state of chaos that accompanies the fiasco - er - fiesta, each year. The touristas arrive by the bucket load via car, plane, train, automobile, and monstrously sized recreational vehicles larger than my house. Yes, we hardened citizens love to complain about all of the disruptions to our every day lives, and blame it on all of you visitors. We carefully plot our driving route, hoping to avoid the worst of the traffic. Just this morning, as I was negotiating away from the field, the car traveling beside me in the slow lane suddenly decided to make a U-turn right in front of me, across four lanes of traffic. Good thing I was paying attention! Darn tourists. Oops! That license plate was a local one.

We love to complain, but deep down, in our heart of hearts, we love the balloons too. Where else can one see hundreds of hot air balloons hanging in the air, lofting above the city. The photo above was taken on my drive in to work today. Like the tourist's cars illegally parked alongside the freeway, I pulled over too, to take a quick shot of the glorious globes above the General Mills Cereal Plant. Albuquerque is a glorious place to live - but watch out for those crazy drivers! Even the locals forget to pay attention!

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