Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Birding Minnesota - Sand Lake

Cousin Anita's cabin sits only a few feet back from the shore of Sand Lake, about an hour north of Grand Rapids, in north-central Minnesota. I rose at dawn that day, to sit quietly with my coffee and watch out over the lake, binoculars by my side. At first all seemed calm as the mist rose from the water's surface. Then, on the horizon a small speck appeared, nothing much really. But, I knew it was a bird, and a large one at that. I lifted my binos for a better view, but before I could focus them, the speck had quickly materialized into a juvenile Bald Eagle flying straight at the picture window. Before I could respond, the young eagle and I were eyeball to eyeball, but only for an instant, before it lifted gracefully to perch in the tree beside the cabin.

Later that morning, Anita and I canoed along the shallows toward the eagle's favorite roost. Although your cannot see the bird perched in the farthest large tree, it was sitting right atop the uppermost branch!

Northern Minnesota is one beautiful land. Hopefully, I will get to return there one day, and explore more of its wonders.

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