Friday, October 10, 2008

The Sewing Chair

It all started innocently. Donna, my good friend and creative assistant, commented that my rolly chair didn't roll very well. She said she'd keep her eye out for one at a garage sale. When she arrived at my house today, our regular sewing day, she had words of wisdom, courtesy of Mary Moya. Seems Mary had asked if Donna had ever picked all the crud out of the rolling wheels of her sewing chair. And, then Donna spent much of Sunday afternoon picking at the wheels of her chair.

Today, we picked at the wheels of my chair.
It was ugly! Many tools and sore fingers later, we are proud to report:
The mad cleaning woman, equipped with a can of air and a can of WD40. Never again will this much garbage collect in the wheels of this chair. Next time you're in your sewing room and the wheels don't work so well, think of Mary's words of wisdom.

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