Monday, November 17, 2008

Valley of the Mist Quilters

It was a small, but enthusiastic group that met on Sunday, Nov. 10 to explore the "Goose is Loose", designing and piecing free-form shapes. We met at the local Temecula Bernina dealership, where the shopowner stayed open for us. What we didn't know is that the local church was meeting in the next shop over. They liked to sing, and play the guitar, especially the base. It wasn't long before the whole class moved out to the front counter for our impromptu instruction. Here are just a few photos that I took that day.Rita Dominguez understood the design and stitching concepts quite well, but she really want to learn how to make three-dimensional flowers -- so that's what we did!
Rosie Caudillo, who had driven all the way from San Diego to take the class, brought show and tell to the workshop. She used teeeny little hexagons to create this free form tree in autumn colors.
Gloria Bachmann quickly caught on to the drawing part, and completed her design in record time. She also managed to finish the geese and begin assembling the parts of her design.
Abi Beaty's deisgn was based on a golf course, her husband's favorite sport. I wonder if this will be a gift for him.

A good time was had by all. And, there's just nothing like good, old-fashioned southern California hospitality.


Abi Beaty said...

All done - actually, I was done a while ago, but I'm just getting around to sending the picture. Thanks for the great class, Gail!

My golf quilt on Flickr.

Gail Garber said...

Good Job Abi! I love the quilt!