Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Bosque Morning

Great Blue Heron. Photo by Doug Brown.
Five thirty a.m. on Saturday morning. Do I snuggle in for a little more shut-eye, or arise and head out to the bosque to complete the surveys that I missed on Thursday due to weather. It was brisk out there, but oh, my: What a glorious morning it was. My first treat was a Great Blue Heron that appeared in the mist of the riverside drain, taking flight at my approach. Followed by two muskrats, foraging. One of them looked like it had a mouthful of french fries -- Not!

Wood Duck. Photo by Doug Brown.
Next up were four Wood Ducks amidst the 2 dozen mallards. I expected it to be quiet in the interior sections of the forest, but the songbirds were up and at em. There would be nothing for a while, and then a whole flock of mixed species that needed to be sorted out.
Bald Eagle. Photo by Doug Brown.
An eagle called from its perch along the Rio Grande.
Coyote. Photo by Doug Brown.
As I was standing near the end of my second transect, not moving, I heard a rustling in the woods. A coyote, oblivious to my presence was running full speed, straight at me. It's expression when he/she realized we were on a collision course, was priceless, just like the rest of my morning.

Much better than a few extra winks.

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Cloth Diapers said...

You are so lucky! I've only once seen a coyote and it was not a close encounter like that.