Friday, April 29, 2011

Juliet Fitness, Quiltmaker

Next stop on the tour was tea at the beautiful home of Juliet Fitness in west Auckland. Juliet is an amazing quiltmaker, and her work is unique. The wide array of styles was impressive.
Her home is located on 10 acres, in suburban Auckland. With the historic native vegetation, special permits were required to clear enough land to build their home. Consequently, the vegetation comes right up to the house, a fantastic display.
Juliet is known for her creativity, use of color and techniques that she uses in her quilts.
She has a good sense of humor too, as evidenced in this small wall handing of a Kiwi.
Her friend, Allison, helped serve tea and cookies. We ate the most unbelievable snacks, Kipper Biscuits and Fruit and Nut Slices. Yumm!!!
'Nuff said about Juliet's sense of humor!

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