Friday, October 28, 2011

Priority Alzheimer's

I've been involved with the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative since it was founded by Ami Simms whose Mom was afflicted by this terrible disease. Their main fundraiser is the sale of Priority Alzheimer's Little Quilts -- quilts that fit into a priority mailing envelope. Their goal was to bring 1500 little quilts to International Quilt Festival in Houston, and THEY DID IT! All sales go directly to fund research for Alzheimer's Disease, which also afflicts my mom, who now lives in an Alzheimer's facility.
This is one of the quilts that I donated to the 2011 Priority Alzheimer's Project. This "Tiny Trees" will be for sale in their booth on Row T of the main exhibit hall at International Quilt Festival, Houston.

Here's a link to another of the projects undertaken by AAQI, "Alzheimer's: From Heartbreak to Hope" Each of the purple rectangles bears the name of a loved one who was afflicted by the disease. The strips were taken around the country and people lined up in droves to add the name of their loved one. Each of the strips was quilted and bound to make this amazing exhibit.


Beth said...

Wonderful Gail! Thank you so much for supporting AAQI!

Beth said...

Just beautiful Gail! Thanks so much for supporting AAQI!!

Jean Baardsen said...

AAQI is such a great group! I've been involved for the last few months. One of my mini-quilts, Palm Beach was in the October auction, and seven of my quilts are going to Houston. I'm thrilled!