Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Weekend in Paradise

The Jemez Valley of New Mexico personifies the state's slogan, "Land of Enchantment". From my lofty perch high above the canyon floor, I can clearly see why the early Native Americans settled in this beautiful canyon. From the advantageous viewpoints of the many ruins that dot the cliffs, a scout could easily see anyone, friend or foe, advancing up the canyon. Nowadays, with birds and squirrels to keep me company, and of course, my constant and faithful companion, Gabby, this is my mountain hideaway. I can feel my blood pressure falling as I drive away from the city. As I crest the final hill in Rio Rancho to see the panoramic view of Redondo Peak and the rest of the Jemez Mountains, I know that I will soon be home. I am a lucky woman!

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