Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Road to Carupano

Stopping at a bridge over an unknown stream, we found a group of children playing in the water. One girl had a pair of swimming goggles and was diving into the clear water. We waved and they waved back. As I moved on, Mark remained behind snapping photographs. Shortly, he joined the birding team, followed soon after by a stream of Venezuelan kids. It was clear that Mark was the hero of the day to this small band of adventurers. As they crowded around, I ran back to grab my camera and capture the image. The fish near Mark's head; well, that's another story.At one point, Mark leaned over and whispered quietly into my ear so as to not be overheard by the hard core among us, "I also am interested in things other than birds". To me, it was like the sweet sound of fresh raindrops on a drought-stricken desert. Another team member who shared my passion for all the sights and sounds of our surroundings. So, when the birding bus pulled over at yet another stop and the group strolled down a dirt road in search of avian rarities, we remained behind, in the shade, checking out other forms of wildlife, like this anole couple. The female is peeking out from the safety of the burrow.
Just a beautiful butterfly
Photo by Mark Watson

We came upon this truck with a religious figure painted onto the back of box. Imagine our surprise when we passed them and discovered it was a refrigerated container filled with fish.
Photo by Mark Watson.

Man with donkey. Photo by Mark Watson.

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