Monday, March 9, 2009

Strawberry Ice Cream Ecological Region

Henry's establishment in the little village of Las Claritas in Bolivar state, Strawberry Ice Cream Cone. Just like the name implies, he did indeed provide ice cream for dessert. He and his wife also raised and sold miniature poodles, just in case you were wondering about the dog in the photo. Check out his website, particularly the Diversity page where there are video clips of many of the birds that we saw, some even with impressive audio of their calls: Cappuchinbird, White Bellbird, Crimson Topaz, Guayanan Cock of the Rock and the fabulous Scarlet-horned Manakin.
Henry has an impressive garden with many hummingbird feeders that attract a wide array of hummies, as well as many other species. He actually has Harpy Eagle on his yard list! Here, we saw toucans, parrots, and many other treasures, including a giant morpho butterfly. (Stay tuned for bird/butterfly photos)
Even with my little zoom lens I was able to get close enough to this highly sought after hummingbird, the Crimson Topaz. Note the long tail.
Note the size of the bird relative to the hummingbird feeder. It gives a good reference to determine the large size of this fellow.

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