Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Swamp Quilters, Florence, MS

Whoa! This post is out of order in more ways than one. In my quest to catch up on a month of things that should have been posted, I put up some of the Alaska photos before sharing these with you! The Swamp Quilters, from the Baton Rouge area, hold their quilting retreats at Whitetails Lodge, just south of Florence, MS. This gorgeous property, ~700 acres, was established as a hunting facility. However, they also are home to a number of exotics, such as this zebra. He was right outside the door of the lodge.
This guinea and his mate had decided to make the lodge area their home in the past month,
wherre he spent much of his time fighting with his reflection in the glass.
Just one of the many animals on the property.
Carolyn Bacile had been collecting Elvis fabrics for years, and this was the inspiration for her design. We had three wonderful days together, and students accomplished a lot. While class lasted 6-7 hours each day, they continued to sew into the evening.

Noreen Mazzaroppi combined a traditional four-patch with free-form geese.
Debbie Bowman had a sleep-deprived night, second night of our weekend, and she took advantage of the sleeplessness to stitch all night long! What a great design!
Kay Olinde created this terrific design. I can't wait to see the finished project.
Forrest Gump and Friends.

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