Saturday, May 16, 2009

Welcome to Homer, Alaska

The sign boasts of the great fishing, and indeed the halibut skewers we would eat the next day were superb! Actually, ALL the food in Homer was just topnotch! But, fishing was not part of my agenda for this trip; it was the quest for rare birds of the pelagic and shorebird type. Fishing is really popular in Alaska, moreso than birding. I bought the ABA Birdfinding Guide to Alaska, and for every birding stop near water, which is most of them, it talked about the types of fish that would be found there. Hmm! Is this a bird finding guide or a fish finder? The woodwork on this bench was spectacular.
My other travel companion, Jane Ferguson, lassoed a big one!
Our accomodations were on the shore of Katchemak Bay, a little rental house called Norma's Cove. Shortly after arrival, Mary started hollering, "Look out the window!".
We saw several moose on the way down, but certainly didn't expect this sort of up close encounter. Stay tuned . . .

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K said...

Thanks for posting this! We are headed to Alaska on Monday and will be staying at Norma's Cove in Homer for the week. You have gorgeous photos.