Friday, February 12, 2010

Hawks Aloft Quilt Retreat 2010

What can 14 ecclectic, diverse indviduals accomplish in one day when focused on a common mission? It all begins with Ed C., the master cutter, and a simple drawing.

Others work on various sections using paper foundation piecing. Here Steve E. and Lizzie R. trim and press.
Ruth B. pins carefully so no points are lost.
Mary C., like Ruth, pins to prevent having to unsew.
Lindsey P. is our youngest quilter.
Sammie S. shows off the border.
Master quilter, Debbie Caffrey shows off 1/2 of the quilt center.

Our supervisor.
The quillt top almost complete.
Ah, the best part of paper foundation piecing, ripping off the paper.
Mike looks on as wife, Michele, sews the final seams.
Ed sweeps up threads and paper scraps.

Success! We have the Hawks Aloft Raffle Quilt 2010. Thanks to the 14 people who shared their weekend to assemble it.

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