Friday, March 26, 2010

Lancaster, PA

Last day in Lancaster. Cold and breezy bird's eye view from the hotel window.
One of my students, Katrina, took me to the Central Market for lunch. It's the local Farmer's Market, only open on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. I had little idea the treats that were contained within the red brick walls of the historic building.
But, first, it was class time. This is a design workshop, and all students design their own project. The morning is spent entirely on drawing and the various fillers used in my upcoming book. But, by the end of the day, parts of projects were beginning to emerge. Here's a 10,000 pyramids border below a field of grass.
And a row of geese with pointy dudes!
At the market, we found many culinary treasures. One that didn't get photographed was the first part of lunch, homemade baklava. Always eat dessert first, lest you not last through the meal.
We found a German cookie maker with fabulous hand-molded sweets. This is an antique cookie mold.
Several more were on display.
Groff's vegetable growers use no chemical sprays.
Just too cool, piles of vegetables just waiting to be taken home. Too bad they weigh so much. In the end, I settled for a piece of quiche and a deli salad. Lancaster is a charming community. I hope to return one day.

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Pat said...

Ah...if you enjoyed the market in downtown Lancaster, you would love some of the small nearby communities where the Amish have their farms and shops....places like Bird-in-Hand....Paradise, etc. Our little quilting group rents a house in that area each fall and enjoys it so much. (I recognize those two students in your photos as they were also in the color & contrast class with us on Thursday. Looks like they were excellent students with great results!)