Friday, March 5, 2010

Indiana Heritage Quilt Show

What do quilting teachers do at the end of a long day? Here in Bloomington, Jan and I checked out the local restaurants, and found what is surely one of the best in the U.S. -- FARMbloomington, owned by Chef Daniel Orr, as sustainable as possible in concept since it opened two years ago. Here, fellow teacher Jan Krentz and I were sampling a midwestern wheat beer, Gumballhead.
Despite the goofy label, it was tasty and went down easily. We had stopped by the previous night for an advance checking out, and were thrilled to get a tour of the quaintly decorated restaurant, including the speakeasy rooms in the basement. From top to bottom, the decore was chosen with care.
Chef, Daniel Orr cooks up a cuisine like no other. Where else would I have devoured with gusto, grits with bacon and cheese (not normally a New Mexican's idea of table fare), mint pea guacamole, unbelievable french fries with special coating (it's a secret!), bison burgers, duck, and out-of-this-world desserts. (We shared)
We reserved the remodeled silo in the center of the restaurant for our 'teacher's' night(From L to R): Jan Krentz, Mickey Depre, Anita Shackleford, Suzanne Marshall, yours truly, and Susan Cleveland. We were treated like royalty with special gifts of appetizers and a dessert. The chef stopped by to ask if everything was okay. He was perhaps surprised by our chorus of, "When are you opening one of these in (insert city of residence)?
'Twas my first experience of antique bedpans for wall decore. Would we recommend it? -- you betcha! In a heartbeat. Sadly, tonight is our last night in Bloomington, and we will be trying out the Afghan restaurant around the corner. Got to spread our taste testing around. Next time you are in Indiana, check out FARMbloomington!


Sewlmate Sister said...

You lead such a fun life!!!! Can't wait to have a class with you and meet you one day.

B. Diederich said...

Oh, Nature and Art! I found your blog when I was giggling about Homer Moose--my daugher moved there April 09 and you can watch the Eagles out of her window! They try to walk on the beach nearly every day.
Quilts too!
I will bookmark your blog--and your pics are very nice!