Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tricksters at QBL

Imagine my surprise when, after returning from lunch, I asked a question and several sheepish faces stared back at me. Finally Joanne exclaimed, "Don't ask me! I have the smallest head in the class!". That really got my attention and I wondered just how it was that she knew that. It turns out that they were busy using their flexible curves for another purpose besides drafting quilting patterns -- measuring the circumference of each other's heads.

Friday night was QBL Show and Tell, where each teacher and her class get up on stage to show the results of the week long class. Imagine my surprise when my class marched up on stage, flex curves in hand and then donned them as head ornaments!

We simply had way too much fun at QBL!

And, without a doubt, I had the best students in my class!

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